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Defining Self-Bunded Tanks

Self-Bunded Tanks

Self-bunded tanks should become your storage solution of choice if you own an enterprise that is involved in the trading of liquid fuel or if your business does have a constant requirement for such high-value liquid, you will realize how important it is to have a ready access to this kind of reliable and highly dependable storage solution.   

A bunded storage and containment system is a tank within another tank. It is primarily designed to safely and securely contain your high-value liquid via its double steel walls which allows for effective storage and containment of diesel, fuel and other liquids of high-value or interest. 

Sometimes these tanks are referred to as double-walled tanks. In between the inner and outer tank, they have a space gap with a capacity of 110% of the inner tank’s. The purpose of such a design is to reduce the chances of losing the high-value liquid through leaks or spills. By virtue of this attribute, environmental contamination will be unlikely to happen. 

Bunded Tank Standards

Owing to the stringent industry regulations and Australian environmental laws, the utilization of bunded containment and tank systems has immediately become a necessity for many business entities that require immediate access to their fuel or any other liquid of high value for them to be stored on site. 

The reliability of self-bunded tanks, as well as its strength and durability, has proven itself as one effective and safe storage system.  


By its sheer design,  bunded fuel tanks are built tough, durable, and long-lasting.  It comes with double steel walls that significantly helps in keeping spillage and leaks of the high-value liquid you’d have it contained. 

Should there appear a leak on the first wall, the second wall is sure to keep it from spilling through, otherwise it would run the risk of contaminating its immediate surroundings. 

Although it is very unlikely that the first wall (sometimes referred to as bund wall, so don’t confuse yourself with that) will get damaged and cause your liquid to spill over since the material is given a very robust structural design. 

Truly, we can safely say that the strength and durability of self-bunded storage tanks is something you can count and rely on. 


If you are not aware yet, bunded storage systems can hold and contain large amounts of your high-value liquids. Their storage capacity would typically range from 1,000 liters to 150,000 liters. 

If your enterprise requires that you have an amount of fuel within that range or you need to have a kind of petrochemical product stored on-site, it will eliminate the need for your staff to leave your manufacturing or work facility just to have their machinery or vehicle refilled with fuel. 

Storing fuel in large amounts of it in your site will save for you and your staff valuable time and money in traveling to and from refueling stations. And the best part of it is that setup is easy as 1-2-3. 

Benefits of Self Bunded Tanks

  • Can hold 1000 to 110,000-litre  of liquid 
  • Immediately operational after a few hours of delivery
  • Eliminates the need for external bunding
  • Prevents leaks and spillage
  • Can be transported by rail, sea, and road
  • Comes available in an array of  sizes 
  • Eliminates the need for specialist civil engineering
  • Lowers chances for machinery downtime
  • A safe and secure liquid storage system
  • Improved safety for personnel and the environment


The innovative features that self-bunded fuel tanks come in is what is making them more than worthy and indispensable for your business and its minor storage needs. 

If you are not certain yet as to what type of storage system would be best suited to your company’s unique liquid storage requirements, the best course of action you should take is to consult a reputable dealer near you and discuss with them about your storage concerns for your high-value liquid. 

The Importance of 3D Scanner in Different Applications

The Importance of 3D Scanner in Different Applications

It has become innate for people to try and create something extraordinary. So many of them try their best to discover new ways and make use of the best tools that will allow them to make something new and will be of great use for the world.

A 3D scanner has been very instrumental in making things possible. It has been consistent in improving upon their technology while becoming more available and affordable. Also, through the years, smaller versions have been made which are a lot easier to use. At present, this scanner plays an important role in different industries and applications.


Classrooms around the world are now starting to realize the use and value of a 3D scanner. With the use of sculpting clay, students that have limited skills in 3D CAD modelling will be able to create and print unique objects that are not so easy to be produced with a software only.

Nowadays, schools work on a lesson plan that will involve students to design, scan, and print their own ergonomic pens and other school items.


With this machine, scanning and analyzing buildings with a lot of details has become possible. This is very useful when conducting architectural surveys. The scanner offers users with very accurate measurements, as well as the ability to fully utilize, visualize and modify their date with CAD. Since it is now easy and fast to capture information with high accuracy, thus there is great savings in time and productivity. This is of significance when delivering results to clients.

In addition to surveying purposes, 3D scanning technology is considered to be a perfect solution for reverse engineering, whether for building exterior of internal furniture.

Art and History

3D scanning is widely used among art historians and artists. Scanning artefacts to make a reproducible 3D printed version has become possible. It is also used for curating and archiving. Moreover, the technology allows different forms of cultural heritage to be measured, classified, analyzed, and shared in the research community.

With the help of the scanner, it is possible to create richly-detailed, perfectly identical, and true-to-scale copies of sculptures. This will not only help preserve these things, but teaching those who interested with art and history will be easy without risking these priceless items.

Aside from these industries, 3D scanning is also essential in many other fields just like in the health and medical industry. Indeed, this technology and the benefits it has to offer has brought the biggest changes in different industries. With this being said, we can only expect the best from this technology. No doubt, this technology will keep surprising us with the capabilities it has to offer that will change how we live our lives today.

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Money-Savings Tip When Buying an Absorbent Mat

The tough economic climate we are experiencing today is forcing a lot of people to have a more effective budget. But choosing an absorbent mat at a low cost does not really mean having great savings. This means that it is important to choose one that is of great quality, durable, can save you effort, time, and money.

Getting the right one that meets your needs is very important when it comes when finding a quality solution that gives value. Here are some to keep in mind to be sure that you get your money’s worth.

Quality is Value, Durability is Key

To get better value for your money, choose an absorbent mat that ensures durability. A high-quality mat does not rip, fray, or tear when it gets saturated and is durable enough to handle pedestrian, vehicle, and workplace traffic without falling apart. Durable and strong mats also last longer. This means that you will be using lesser mats and spend less time and money to replace them. With this, workers would be able to focus on their main tasks.

Retention is Important

A good quality mat should be high retention. This is an important factor to consider when determining how much money and number of mats you use and save. Mats that have retention and liquid distribution will not leave behind liquids or fiber residue so slippery spills will disappear faster, thus making the cleanup easier. High retention would mean that less mats would be used, thus saving you more money.

Hide Leaks and Spills

There are some customers that toss their absorbents before they can even make the most out of them. The color of the mat could help make sure that they are fully saturated before they should be thrown away. Dark colored ones like brown or grey hide spills for a much cleaner appearance so they stay on the job and cleaner for a longer time.

Use what You Need

Absorbent mats are available in different sizes. Some of them have easy tear perforations so you will only use what you need. They also have different weights. If you don’t need a heavy-weight one, then you can just choose a lighter option. Getting the correct mat for your specific needs will help ensure that the mat will be used to its maximum potential.

Safety First

Providing the right safety equipment, as well as having regular health and safety checks would help reduce slip and fall injuries. This will save your company a lot of money by lessening workers compensation costs and keeping them healthy while on the job.

In environments where injuries and accidents are likely to happen, it is very important to implement preventive measures. In this case, having the right absorbent mats can make all the difference.

3D Printer: A Must in Your Home

The development of a 3D printer has indeed changed the world. It has been constantly bringing innovations with the greatest potential. In the past, on the companies that have enough budget are benefiting from it. But today, the technology has become more available, easy to use, affordable, and consumer-grade models are in the market.

Save Money

The use of a 3D printer can pay for itself simply by printing things that you may ordinarily buy. It is now possible to create almost anything from paper towel holders to smartphone cases. This helps reduce household expenses while giving a more personal touch to the home. In fact, you can print your everyday objects like safety razors and shower curtain rings.

You can also extend the life of your appliances and furniture by making spare parts with a 3D printer. Doing this will eliminate the hassle of looking for parts you need and waiting for them to be delivered in case they are not readily available. Problems like broken knobs can be solved by making custom replacements.

Source of Income

Instead of looking for another job just to earn some extra case, you can just purchase a printer and let it work for you. If you enjoy the way how a printer can save money, you will like it better knowing that it can give you a steady stream of income.

You can do this by processing 3D printing jobs for those who order online. Develop your printing skills so you can make it a profitable job for you. Your printer will give you a chance to make and sell designs and products or you can even teach printing lessons.

Educate Children

3D printing can give a new dimension to learning that will be more engaging for the kids. This is done by making lessons more interesting and fun. There are different items that could be printed to make learning appealing to children and helping them with hands-on learning.

With your printer, you can print educational materials that will illustrate concepts like planets or atoms. You may also print puzzles and tools that will improve their problem-solving skills. During homework sessions or homeschooling, making 3D objects will empower kids to easily understand abstract concepts.

Accessories and Personalized Gifts

3D Printer: A Must in Your Home

Why would you buy a mass-produced flower vase if you can actually design and make a unique 3D printed piece? Buying a printer would empower you to make items that you can customize and personalize. You may even download and change existing designs. Or if you have the knowledge or experience, you can design your own objects from scratch.

With 3D printing, the world has indeed become so much bigger with all the possibilities it has offered us through the years. With this technology, our lives have become more exciting than ever. See also: Auckland 3d Printer sale

Tips to Consider when Hiring a Digital Marketing Company Melbourne

Tips to Consider when Hiring a Digital Marketing Company Melbourne

In Melbourne, if you have plans of entering the online world, one of the most common advice you will hear is to hire the services of a digital marketing company for your business. Getting help from a professional marketing service agency will allow your business to have an online presence- a must in the digital world. Such will not only help increase your sales but will also open more platforms for your business to extend on a global scale.

But the real challenge here is not really to hire a marketing company but to hire the right one that can make your business a success. With so many of them available today, you need to be careful when hiring one. So, here are some tips that can help you in the selection process.

Check the Company’s Website

This is very simple but can help a lot to make sure that you hire the best digital marketing company in Melbourne or anywhere in the world. Checking their website will tell you a lot about their company. There are companies that get so busy dealing with clients and they end up neglecting their website. But one should always put their best foot forward and a good company will always have an impressive website with all its experience and results.

Find Out who Works with the Company

A company is run by employees. Therefore, it is advisable that you do a background check and research about the employees hired by that company. You need to have adequate knowledge about their experiences and skill sets.

Interact with Past Clients

The majority of companies list the names of their clients and websites under the feedback section. Take some time and get in touch with them so you will know real reviews and how was their experience with the marketing company that you are about to hire.

Check for the Rates

Good business comes up with a budget and will exert an effort to look for high-quality services within the set limit. It is best to have a price quote and negotiate with the company before you make your decision.

Look for One that Matches Your Needs

One online strategy may not be applicable to all types of businesses. Therefore, you need to look for an agency that specializes in a business promotion or who has worked for a similar client in the past.

Hiring a digital marketing company can be very helpful but choosing the right one can be a bit of a challenge. So, make sure that you take your time in choosing, apply the tips above, and consider everything that can be a good factor. Ending up with the right company can greatly contribute to the success of the business.

Diet Considerations After A Bariatric Surgery

In recent years, bariatric surgery has gained a lot of popularity and has been considered as a great alternative to weight-loss diets. The number of people who are turning to this method to get rid of their excess weight is quickly increasing, The history of this surgery dates back to the 1950s. So many improvements and innovations have been possible to make this surgery a safe option.

It is important, however, that one should be aware of the important factors involved in the surgery. One of them will be diet considerations after the surgery has been performed. A person who has undergone the surgery is expected to lose his or her normal appetite in the first six weeks or more after the surgery.

Dieticians will be prescribing special diets for the patients to help them meet their nutritional demands. A high-quality diet will ensure proper healing and enough nutrition.

Diet Considerations After A Bariatric Surgery

Recipes for Patients

Recipes for patients of bariatric surgery are available from health specialists and dieticians. The majority of these recipes give importance on an adequate amount of protein which is needed for the repair and growth of tissues. Food that is rich in protein are lower in calories and help maintain weight loss. The amount of protein intake that is necessary is calculated by a dietician.

Patients are often given some high-protein supplements that should be taken daily. Foods that are high in fat should be avoided as they can cause the so-called dumping syndrome or complicate the healing process. Aside from fat, sugar is also avoided as it is difficult to digest. Recipes for the patients often replace sugar with honey. The amount of food is low to prevent any digestive problem.

Liquid Diet

The bariatric procedure involves a few modifications on the region of the stomach. Therefore, the patient is limited to a liquid diet for the first two weeks after the surgery. Only clear liquids like sugar-free gelatin, diluted apple juice, and beef or chicken broth are included.

Beverages that are non-carbonated and artificially sweetened are allowed for one or two days. Carbonated drinks are not allowed as they release gas that causes pain and bloating. Clear liquids are slowly replaced by thicker ones like yogurt sugar-free puddings, milk, creamed soups, and protein shakes.

Pureed Food

Two weeks after the surgery, patients can eat pureed foods. But meals should be in small amounts and contain enough amounts of protein. In the fifth or sixth week, more types of food can be eaten. This is the time when the diet should include vegetables, fruits, heart-friendly fats, low-fat proteins, and healthy carbohydrates. The patient’s normal appetite is often restored six weeks after the surgery.

Health specialists and dieticians may also prescribe special recipes for patients who are about to undergo the surgery. A pre-surgery diet is high in protein and has low amounts of carbohydrates and calories. This type of diet is prescribed to lessen the risk of complications. The success rate of the surgery is increased by following the said diet.

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What to Consider When Buying a Pallet Wrapper

A pallet wrapper comes in many different models and sizes. There is no one-size-fits-all pallet wrapping machine. You need careful consideration when buying this packaging equipment and it is important that you research first which one fits your operation. Otherwise, you will end up buying a machine that you cannot use. You need to find a pallet wrapper that suits the type of product you are producing. You may have an excellent product, but if your packaging process is not good, you will have a problem with damaged products during shipping. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for a pallet wrapper.


The Rate of Production

One of the things you need to consider is whether the machine can keep up with the rate of your production. The supplier can tell you how quickly the machine can wrap. Usually, you can find in the specifications how many wraps a pallet machine can do per minute. If you will pallet wrapper you will buy is too slow for your required rate of production, your operation can lag, and therefore causing you delays. Lower production means lesser sales and profit.


The Quality of Wrap

While fast production is important, you also don’t want anything that could compromise the quality of packaging. Poor quality packaging can result to returned and damaged products. This means more costs and wastage for you. It is important to choose the machine that could keep up with your production and at the same time deliver quality wrapping.


Service after Sale

Like any other machinery, a pallet wrapping machine would need some servicing one way or another to extend its service life. If you don’t have anyone expert in repairs for this type of equipment in-house, you might want to know if the pallet wrapper you will buy have service engineers in your area, in case you need some fixing on your particular wrapping machine.


Availability of Components

In case the pallet wrapper breaks down and some parts need to be replaced, the necessary components should be readily available to you. Make sure that the brand and the model you will buy have the parts that you can easily purchase from the manufacturer or distributers and dealers. The worse thing would be having a machine with components that are only available in other countries, and can only be shipped when you buy in bulk. You don’t want this to happen to you, so you better consider this in the first place.


Other Considerations

Many people opt for the cheapest ones on the market. While this is a good idea, price should be the last thing you will have to consider. Anything that is too cheap or on a bargain price may have low quality. Seek out professional advice from manufacturers, dealers and distributers to make sure you will get the right pallet wrapper. Think of this machine as your investment and should help your business prosper and expand, and not to give you costly problems and issues.

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Geothermal Well Drilling


The term geothermal originates from Greek, which means heat on earth. The excess heat beneath the earth is a renewable source, which is conveniently utilized for humanity’s increasing fuel needs. With efficient measures, geothermal energy is more cost-effective than other sources of energy. With this being said, it is worthwhile to explore and use geothermal drilling.


Sourcing our Geothermal Energy

In the winter season, the earth’s surface may be cold, but it becomes hotter after a certain level beneath the earth because of the cold atmospheric temperature. It is opposite in the summers. As a result of this difference in temperature, thermal energy is produced.

From hot springs, geothermal energy can be harnessed directly to be used for space heating, food drying or any purpose for any other type of industry. However, these procedures can be done near the resource only. Geothermal energy is a continuous source, which is mainly used to generate electricity. This is why it entails drilling geothermal wells.


The Process

Geothermal well drilling is similar to oil and gas drilling, wherein drilling rigs are utilized. The entire geothermal drilling equipment comprises of a drill pipe, drilling fluid, drilling rig, drill bit, and a power system. By using a drill pipe, drilling fluid is transferred from a mud pit to the ground below. To rotate the drill bit, which does the real cutting of the surface, uses also the drill pipe.

The purpose of the drill fluid is to bring up the cuttings quickly from the bottom so that the rocks and debris do not hinder the drilling process. The power system supplies power to the entire operation, which can be electricity, hydraulic or diesel-powered engine.

Ultimately, the drilling rig manipulates all of these tasks. It keeps up the power, rotate the drill bit, hoist the drill pipe, and circulate the drill fluid. Steam or high-pressure fluid may suddenly erupt through the opening, which is why there are other tools used to avoid these hazardous incidents.

After the drilling is complete, a geothermal well is constructed immediately. Steel pipe or casing lines are put in place and the gap between the pipe and the rocks are covered with cement to avoid expansion and shifting.



Geothermal drilling has its benefits and is a very profitable business. Although greenhouse effect is one of the drawbacks of geothermal drilling, research is being carried out to economize this renewable source and at the same time minimize its effects on the environment.

Geothermal well drilling is a challenging job even for the experienced companies. Make sure you use the best and correct well drilling rigs for the job. You can find many dealers online, selling and renting drilling rigs. Take your time to research and compare.


rotary gear pump

Rotary gear pump and its uses

The gear pump is a rotary pump in which two gears mesh to provide the pumping action. This type of pump is mostly used for cooling water and pressure oil to be supplied for lubrication to motors, turbines, machine tools etc. The gear pump is rotating machinery though flow of liquid to be pumped is continuous and uniform. Action of gear pump on liquid to be pumped is not dynamic; gear pump displaces the liquid from one side to the other.

Gear pump consists of two identical inter-meshing gears working in a fine clearance inside a casing. One gear is keyed to the driving shaft and other gear rotates revolve due to driving gear. Gear pumps have many advantages over other pumps like simplicity in construction, reliability, easy operation etc. Gear pumps are available as inside and outside meshing gears. Single stage two rotor gear pump with outside meshing gears is simplest in construction however inside meshing gear pumps are compact with wide applications.

Before using such a pump we should have some sort of idea about the working principle and parts of these pumps. The large exterior gear is known as the rotor and the interior gear which is small is known as idler. Liquid first moves between the rotor and the idler teeth. Then the liquid moves through the teeth of the gear. The crescent shape of the gear divides the moving liquid and also acts like a seal between the discharge and the suction ports. The head region of the pump is flooded and the liquid is forced out of the port meant for discharge. The inter meshing gears form locked areas so that volume of the liquid can be controlled.

Gear pumps have two moving parts and a single stuffing box. Pumps are noted for flexible and sturdy designs, high operational fluency, corrosion and rust proof surface, less power consumption and longer operational life. The maintenance cost of these pumps is negligible. Impeccable performance and ease of installation has made these products very popular in the market. It is a self-priming pump. These pumps provide steady delivery with or without little pulsation. These are made with utmost care to reduce noise and vibration. The pumps are used for handling furnace oil, clear fluid, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, solvents and alkalies. Most of these gear pumps are used in industries like fisheries, distillers and brewery and soap and detergent.


BrightGreen Thinking Origin and Evolution


Bright green environmentalism is a philosophy taking into account the conviction that the merging of technology change and social advancement gives the best way to practical development.

The term “bright green”, initially begat in 2003 by author Alex Steffen, alludes to the quickly developing new wing of environmentalism, unmistakable from conventional forms.Bright green environmentalism means to give flourishing in a naturally manageable way using new innovations and enhanced design.

Defenders advance and supporter for green energy, electric cars, proficient assembling frameworks, bio and nanotechnologies, omnipresent processing, thick urban settlements, closed loop item designs and reasonable item outlines. “One-planet living” is a phrase that is regularly used.Their chief center is on the thought that through a mix of well-manufactured groups, new advances and feasible living practices, personal satisfaction can really be enhanced even while biological foot shaped impressions shrink.

Led, optical art“Around the center of the century we’ll see worldwide populace crest at something like 9 billion individuals, every one of whom will need to live with a sensible measure of flourishing, and a large portion of whom will need, no less than, a European way of life. They will see escaping poverty as their nonnegotiable right, however to convey that flourishing at our present levels of effectiveness and asset use would obliterate the planet many times over. We have to design another model of flourishing, one that gives billions a chance to have the solace, security, and opportunities they need at the level of effect the planet can manage. We can’t do that without grasping innovation and better design.”

The expression “bright green” has been utilized with expanded recurrence because of the proclamation of these thoughts through the Internet and late scope in the customary media.

All the more as of late, “bright greens”‘ rose as a group of environmentalists people who trust that radical changes are required in the financial and political operation of society with a specific end goal to make it feasible, yet that better outlines, new advancements and all the more generally disseminated social developments are the way to roll out those improvements – and that society can neither shop nor dissent its approach to manageability. Brightgreen environmentalism is less about the issues and constraints we have to overcome than the “apparatuses, models, and thoughts” that as of now exist for overcoming them. It swears off the dreariness of challenge and dispute for the stimulating certainty of helpful solutions.

While bright green environmentalism is a scholarly current among North American environmentalists,it is in Northern Europe, particularly Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, that the thought of bright green environmentalism has turned out to be most broad and most generally examined.

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