composite door

Different types of Door Used in Home

When you are going to change or renovate your existing home or you are going to make new home first think in your mind is how to make more secure and safe home. For create safe and secure home you should buy home doors which provide 100% safety and security. Front entrance door of home should be more secure.

Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Door

Glass door is the finest choice for create new and smart home with new latest design and style. Glass entry doors are much attractive to look at than plain front door. Glass front entry door can leave an eye-catching first impression of the home.

Bi folding Doors

Bi Folding Doors

Bi folding doors provide great relieve by adding more class and reality to look weather it is for your home or office. Bi fold doors are a set of panels which has two or sometimes more than two hinged sections that are often folding in pair off. These types of doors may be opened from either side for one pair, or fold both sides for several pairs.

Patio Doors

Patio Door

Patio doors are suitable to use when the house is quite small and you think that the walls are too close to you. You may then fix your problem by using a different patio door. When you want to replace the damaged out and broken doors or going to makeover home, then unique patio doors is most preferable choice.

Composite Doors

composite door

Composite doors are mostly used as home entrance door. Composite entrance doors are now come with different designs, styles and colors. Although composite doors offer more safety and security, home security doors are being installed prior to it on most Asian countries.


French Doors

French Door

French doors are famous because of its multi-functionality characteristics, that why it also known as multi-functionality door. French doors are also known as durable doors with different designs and styles. Amplimesh is known for its security french doors which offers style and safety.