Money-Savings Tip When Buying an Absorbent Mat

The tough economic climate we are experiencing today is forcing a lot of people to have a more effective budget. But choosing an absorbent mat at a low cost does not really mean having great savings. This means that it is important to choose one that is of great quality, durable, can save you effort, time, and money.

Getting the right one that meets your needs is very important when it comes when finding a quality solution that gives value. Here are some to keep in mind to be sure that you get your money’s worth.

Quality is Value, Durability is Key

To get better value for your money, choose an absorbent mat that ensures durability. A high-quality mat does not rip, fray, or tear when it gets saturated and is durable enough to handle pedestrian, vehicle, and workplace traffic without falling apart. Durable and strong mats also last longer. This means that you will be using lesser mats and spend less time and money to replace them. With this, workers would be able to focus on their main tasks.

Retention is Important

A good quality mat should be high retention. This is an important factor to consider when determining how much money and number of mats you use and save. Mats that have retention and liquid distribution will not leave behind liquids or fiber residue so slippery spills will disappear faster, thus making the cleanup easier. High retention would mean that less mats would be used, thus saving you more money.

Hide Leaks and Spills

There are some customers that toss their absorbents before they can even make the most out of them. The color of the mat could help make sure that they are fully saturated before they should be thrown away. Dark colored ones like brown or grey hide spills for a much cleaner appearance so they stay on the job and cleaner for a longer time.

Use what You Need

Absorbent mats are available in different sizes. Some of them have easy tear perforations so you will only use what you need. They also have different weights. If you don’t need a heavy-weight one, then you can just choose a lighter option. Getting the correct mat for your specific needs will help ensure that the mat will be used to its maximum potential.

Safety First

Providing the right safety equipment, as well as having regular health and safety checks would help reduce slip and fall injuries. This will save your company a lot of money by lessening workers compensation costs and keeping them healthy while on the job.

In environments where injuries and accidents are likely to happen, it is very important to implement preventive measures. In this case, having the right absorbent mats can make all the difference.